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Welcome to the MCBR Travel League website!  

COVID-19 Concern (updated May 30)

Expect the start of the season to be pushed well into June or maybe later.  Our 13-15u, 17u and Select seasons normally start June 1 but will be impacted by continuation of the stay home mandates.  We will update all Coaches and Town Program Directors once Gov't officials give us new information that will allow us to make solid decisions about possible MCBR league season dates and determine exactly what protocols will take place and what paperwork might be involved for all rostered families (see USSSA link below).  We do not have any answers yet, but we still hope to be able to construct some kind of league season for 8u-18u.  You may see some youth sports orgs commenting on preparing to Return to Play on specific dates in late June and in July. Those orgs are just estimating their idea of best case scenarios and they do not know any more information than we all do from local officials and/or news sources.  We are also preparing and are ready to move quickly just as soon as we have solid information from State and local Gov't officials regarding return to play for youth sports and for baseball in our region.  All coaches will need to know their roster availability through August and specific home field availability immediately upon learning details if and when we are permitted to Return to Play.

We are in daily contact with USSSA. No MCBR team should be holding any event (or travel to another region/state) without first contacting MCBR. We expect Insurance coverage information to be issued soon.

We have given notice to Town Directors and coaches that if we are able to have a summer MCBR season, we will accept HS Seniors (18u and below) into existing teams or to form new Town Boundary 18u teams and we'll figure out best way to structure league divisions and games, in order to give those players a last chance to play organized baseball if they are not moving on to college baseball.  We will address any request for adding a non-boundary player for this offering.

Coaches that are new to MCBR that still have to complete the mandatory NAYS Coaching Certification online training: please get that completed in the next couple weeks to get it out of the way during this stay at home period.  It still is a requirement before you can be on the field or in the dugout when the season starts. (40 coaches pending completion still - you all have had multiple notifications and the training fee has already been paid by MCBR)

Articles from USSSA (our Governing Association) and from NAYS (our Coaching Certification Resource):

USSSA statement-May 1st & 14th


NAYS MAY 21 COVID19 Blog-resources


Flintstones 1962 regarding youth baseball (26min full episode)

Enjoy and you'll surely notice some themes/concerns haven't changed much.

Bat Rules

Note: the 8u-12u bat rules are the same as last year.  Any youth USSSA/BPF bat and any youth USA Bat of any size barrel can be used.  Each standard comes in several barrel sizes.  13u and up players can only use BBCOR -3 and players cannot use BBCOR -3 for 8u-12u.

Check out the USSSA site here for additional bat rule info.

Important Dates

Feb 28 - All Team Final Payments Due - payments for all costs due in the mail to Lonnie - per League Fee page instructions.

April 5 - (POSTONED until further notice) Mandatory Coaches Meeting 8u-15u only - (Ball Handout)(food) - all teams must be represented. Details mailed to all coaches just prior. Usually 430-7pm. 

(17u meeting will be later date tbd)(no meeting for Select league)

April 17 - (DELAYED pending further determinations) 8u-12u Season Start (Weather permitting)

May 16 - (PENDING FURTHER DETERMINATIONS) MCBR Red Wing Day 8u-12u only - Frontier Field, 3pm Clinic start; picnic about 6; Wings game at 705pm. Coaches will disseminate details. Team counts due to Don May 7.

June 1 - Normal 15u/17u/Select Season Start - Pending further determinations


MCBR Travel League

Established in 1994, Monroe County Baseball Region (MCBR) is the leader in providing premier travel baseball to youth players in and around Rochester, NY.

We are a 501(c)(3) with over 150 teams competing in MCBR every spring, players ranging in age from 7 to 17 are given the opportunity to not only compete against the areas finest youth players, but also improve their skills, demonstrate sportsmanship, and prepare for the next step in their baseball careers.

  • MCBR Travel Baseball Where Rochester's Premier Youth Players Play
  • MCBR Travel Baseball Teams From 30 Towns - Many with Teams in Every League
  • MCBR Travel Baseball 15 Divisions, 130+ Teams
  • MCBR Travel Baseball The Rochester Area's Premier Travel League
  • MCBR Travel Baseball Providing Premier Youth Baseball in Rochester for Over 25 Years
  • MCBR Travel Baseball Teams From 30 Towns - Many with Teams in Every League
  • MCBR Travel Baseball All Coaches Certified and Background Checked
  • MCBR Travel Baseball Leagues for All Ages - 46/60 (8u-10u), 50/70 (11u/12u) and 60/90 (13u and older)
  • MCBR Travel Baseball

2020 Team/Coach Registration (All Assistant Coaches included)

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