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    Welcome to the MCBR Travel League website!  

    THERE WILL BE FALL BALL 2021 - Info Coming Soon-will be sent to Town Directors

    COVID-19 - Return to Play update June 16, 2021

    Teams are to follow the COVID Protocols set by the field owners.  MCBR has removed all remaining overarching MCBR COVID protocols based on the NYS Gov announcement on June 15, 2021; but overall, the field owner controls their protocols for masking and distancing and teams need to follow them as applicable. See note to the right about protocols at MCC field.

     Field owners are the responsible party to set the COVID safety protocols they want teams to follow.  MCBR does not monitor and gather the rules of each field owner.  Town Programs are responsible for knowing the field owner protocols as they are the renter of the field our MCBR games are played.  Coaches need to inform players and parent spectators and opponent coaches. Please work together for a safe and compliant full season.

    Since all MCBR teams now (starting Nov 2020) get team insurance directly from, MCBR no longer comments on current NYS guidelines regarding travel between NYS COVID regions as all our MCBR games are located in the NYS Finger Lakes Region.   Teams should contact USSSA NYS Rep John Demagistris for information about USSSA insurance coverage for team events inside and outside of NYS. (

    Team requests for Additional Insured Certificates (for field owners) should be emailed to and include:

    1. Your USSSA Certificate number located in the bottom left hand corner of your certificate of insurance
    2. The name of the Certificate Holder or Additional Insured to be added
    3. The complete address of the Certificate Holder to be added

              Please allow 24-48 hours for processing - all concerns must be directed to USSSA or the cert email address above. MCBR provides this info as a courtesy and has no knowledge or access to USSSA information.

    NOTE: Teams/players/families/Coaches that travel outside NYS are expected to follow the NYS quarantine and testing requirements (if any are in effect) upon arriving back into NYS-link below and before playing in any MCBR game. MCBR Town Directors and coaches of MCBR teams are expected to monitor and follow through on NYS travel guidelines/quarantine rules/testing requirements.

    NYS Travel Restriction Guidelines (note the FAQ at bottom of webpage).


    2021 Season Registration Open for Coaches and Players. (it's best to use a non-business email address so emails from MCBR website mail system are not scrubbed by corporate domains or end up in Spam folders)(NOTE: Registrants won't show up on a team page roster until we roster their registration-we do that at least once a day, please be patient and check back later and do not register more than once. thank you)

    "Coaches Registration Link"  (A Participation Waiver Must be e-signed during the registration) (Coach must be part of an approved Town Program Team or approved Club team)(coaches that need to be rostered on two teams need to notify the registrar at  All COACHES MUST READ ALL THE INFO PAGES UNDER THE MORE+ MENU TAB

    "Player Registration Link"   (Player must already be selected by a Town Program team)(A Participation Waiver must be e-signed during the registration)

    2021 League Fees have been posted to the League Fee page (Private Page Coaches can see while logged in).

    Bat Rules

    Note: the 8u-12u bat rules are the same as last year.  Any youth USSSA/BPF bat and any youth USA Bat of any size barrel can be used.  Each standard comes in several barrel sizes.  13u and up players can only use BBCOR -3 and players cannot use BBCOR -3 for 8u-12u.

    Check out the USSSA site here for additional bat rule info.

    2021 Season Prep

    Information regarding the 2021 Season was sent to the MCBR Town Directors on Oct 18.  Town Directors will disseminate and review with their Head Coaches.  We ask that all questions and correspondence to MCBR come through your MCBR Town Director to MCBR...thank you. Note that all teams being entered by our Town Programs must be registered and mostly rostered by Dec 31 and paid by Jan 31 each season. Please get your teams organized early as there is very little chance for late entry after these deadlines due to all the work to finalize payments received, rostering, working divisional alignments, and preparing draft schedules.

    Note to coaches looking for a league: MCBR does not accept independent teams. Teams must come from our approved Town Programs (one per Town/School District) or approved clubs (for seasons we form a Select League); see our Rostering/Divisions tab.

    Coach/Team registration (Head Coaches and Assistants) is now open using the link down further on this page, below the COVID Section. (Head Coaches must have their USSSA team insurance policy number in order to register-required entry) Assistant coaches do not need to wait for head coach to register first.

    Player Registration is now open using the link down further on this page, below the COVID Section. Any player that will play in a MCBR game has to be registered with MCBR here/rostered to the team.  Player Parents do not need to wait for their coaches to register first.

    (FYI-the MCBR Participation waiver is now integrated electronically into the registration interviews for coaches and players.) 

    The default pages for our Regular Season Leagues have been turned over to the 2021 season and Team Pages have been created.  Teams will not be placed into Divisions until Feb. The league pages also have the option to select and view the last two seasons.


    MCBR COVID Protocols - Revised June 16, 2021

    Based on the Gov's announced on June 15, 2021 removing all NYS mandated masking/distancing and sanitation protocols for Sports and Recreation, MCBR has removed all our remaining overarching sanitation protocols.  However, each Head Coach needs to know and have his/her team and spectators follow any field owner established protocols that remain in place.  From this point forward Home team is to furnish all game balls; normal MCBR policy.

    June 2021 Rev - Now states that teams/umpires/spectators must follow the specific COVID protocols set by the field owner for each MCBR game. Our sanitizing rules remain the same.

    NOTE: Until further notice; for games at MCC...Per direction of MCC Leadership, all players/coaches/spectators must all mask all the time and use sanitation rules in our original April 2021 COVID Safety Plan. Teams playing at MCC will get an update as we go.

    Change in April 2021 Document: Allowed spectators per player has been increased to 4 Spectators per player/family.  No protocols from the 2020 Safety Plan have been removed or reduced - all on field/game protocols are the same as 2020 Summer and Fall as NYS/CDD has not relaxed any protocols in their latest documents/guidance.

    This MCBR Participation Waiver/acknowledgment is now part of the player and coach registration interview and wet hardcopy signed form is no longer required for those registering after Sept 10th, 2020.


    Coaching Certifications - Arranged and Paid by MCBR

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    Established in 1994, Monroe County Baseball Region (MCBR) is the leader in providing premier travel baseball to youth players in and around Rochester, NY.

    We are a 501(c)(3) with over 150 teams competing in MCBR every spring, players ranging in age from 7 to 17 are given the opportunity to not only compete against the areas finest youth players, but also improve their skills, demonstrate sportsmanship, and prepare for the next step in their baseball careers.

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    2021 Team/Coach Registration CLOSED (All Assistant Coaches included)

    Coaches, team registration for Spring/Summer 2021 now open