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Coaching Certs (NAYS) & USSSA Background Checks

NAYS Coaching Certification

Coaches are not to register or renew themselves directly with NAYS, nor pay NAYS themselves.  Ignore renewal notices from NAYS.  Coaches who choose to pay themselves before the MCBR process starts may not be reimbursed by MCBR.

This process starts in late Feb once MCBR verifies all teams have paid their league fees and 95% of all coaches are rostered; then coaches will get notice from Tim Chase the batch MCBR processing has started (MCBR Coordinator for NAYS coaching certifications - paid for by MCBR).

All MCBR coaches from RHAA are now processed by MCBR for NAYS certification and renewal.

All Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches must be NAYS certified (National Alliance for Youth Sports).  Any adult assisting on the field with the players and/or in the dugout needs to be rostered and NAYS certified due to liability with working with youth and our due diligence in mandating coaches be properly background checked and certified. Also, any non-coach bookkeeper that is in the dugout during games must be NAYS certified (and pass Background Check) and register as an assistant coach on the team. However, there is a limit of 5 rostered coaches per team.  Please understand that MCBR cannot verify and accept anyone's professional credentials as replacement for the NAYS certification. MCBR must treat all individuals the same for liability purposes and overall consistency.  MCBR pays for this Coaching Certification (included in league fees) and renewals.  We will coordinate with the NAYS organization ( to register new MCBR coaches with them and we will automatically renew returning coaches. 

NAYS online training for new Coaches - Once MCBR registers you with NAYS, NAYS will send you an email containing a link to their online training (~2hr course with two videos).  You must successfully complete the training and get your confirmation email (laminated cards are no longer issued by NAYS unless a coach orders one directly from NAYS) before you can be in a dugout or on the field (along with passing the Team Account background check that is now part of the team insurance purchase handled by each team themselves).  Completion of both are tracked by MCBR.

Contact Tim Chase if you cannot locate the email from NAYS for registering first time and taking the online training.

USSSA Mandatory Background Check

All Coaches on any MCBR team roster must pass a mandatory background check prior to being permitted on the field or bench of any MCBR game.  From Nov 2020 and beyond, all background checks are now part of the new team insurance procurement process through; which each team now handles themselves.  See your MCBR Town Director for full details.  Head coaches must not forget to roster their assistant coaches (esp those added later) on the team account for them to pass the background check and also to be covered by the teams USSSA insurance. 

NOTE: All Head coaches shall be personally liable for any team coaches that help on the bench or on the field that are not properly rostered on their team account (meaning also they have not properly passed the USSSA background check). MCBR does not have access to your team account information in order to validate proper registration with USSSA.

When rostering an Assistant coach on your team account, they also have to pass the mandatory USSSA background check; their name will show in red on your team roster until their background check clears.